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Suzanne Greathouse

President of Business Solutions

Suzanne has over 30 years of experience working with a broad spectrum of individuals, businesses, corporations, and universities.  As a highly sought after consultant and executive at AT&T, Suzanne coached new and experienced leaders, developed and led multi-cultural/virtual teams, managed complex business environments, developed high functioning teams, and improved motivation and job satisfaction across multiple organizational and cross-functional systems. Suzanne is an expert in applying industry best practices and emerging research to your specific challenges, enabling and empowering your success while improving performance, motivation, and job satisfaction along the way. 

My passion is to help individuals and organizations achieve success in our rapidly changing, competitive business environment. Together, with the TierOne team, I can help you develop the skills needed to keep you ahead of the competition and lead your organization in dynamic times. We will identify and leverage unique strengths and develop the hard and soft skills needed to be successful … and have fun in the process.

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EVO Sports Training

Gary Cablayan and the team at EVO Sports are experts at speed and preparing athletes to perform on the biggest stages from the Olympics to the NFL.

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Ian Saarmann, M.A.

Director of Cognitive Performance

Ian received his M.A. in Physical Education and Sport Psychology from San Diego St.
University and is certified in Sports Mind Training. Over the past 15 years, Ian has worked on mental conditioning with professional athletes, award winning Division I collegiate athletes and
teams, as well as athletes training at the US Olympic Training Center. Previously, Ian earned his B.A from George Washington University and worked on Capitol Hill for several years. While on  Capitol Hill, Ian worked closely with high achieving political, media and business
leaders and experienced first hand how individuals and organizations operate, compete and handle pressure at the highest levels. Ian’s passion is to help people perform their best when it counts the most. He helps athletes, individuals, teams and organizations consistently reach peak performance by utilizing evidence based mind training practices to improve motivation, confidence, resilience and attentional and emotional regulation.

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Dr. Dutch Franz

Chief Performance


Dr. Dutch is a performance psychologist, Director of the TierOne Performance Institute and Lab, and research fellow at the think2perform Research Institute.  He has over 20 years of experience working with elite athletes and as an executive coach.  He has provided consulting services and coaching to elite NFL hopefuls, NCAA Division I athletic programs, NFL teams, world-ranked powerlifters, All-American runners, executives, managers, U.S. Special Operations units, and emerging leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.  Dr. Dutch utilizes a sophisticated blend of evidence-based cognitive, social, and behavioral sciences applied using a systems approach to optimize individual performance and make organizations better.

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