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Psychological Performance Assessments

Move beyond Myers-Briggs to scientifically valid and useful psychological assessments that can be critical in talent identification and increasing performance.

  • The Big-Five Leader Personality Assessment.  Scientifically shown to identify personality traits critical to successful organizational leadership.  Identifies traits beneficial to team membership, engagement, and the high-tech industry.
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence Inventory.  Identify areas of strengths in your social and emotional intelligence.  Research shows emotional and social intelligence is a better indicator of organizational engagement and leadership potential than standard measures of intelligence.

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Multi-Level Organizational Performance Assessments

Your business is a complex interaction of micro and macro systems that operate in dynamic and changing ways.  TierOne can help you understand and manage these diverse ecosystems to increase performance and organizational harmony.

  • Micro-level systems include individual personality traits, motivational dispositions, and the interaction of work-teams.  Employees naturally respond emotionally and rationally to stressors in the workplace and both reactions are needed and important to an organizational system.  TierOne can help build individual and team confidence and empower workers to remain flexible in changing environments.
  • A microsystems analysis can help you understand how to best organize teams for better performance and harmony and how to make the most of the motivational tools you have available. Develop individual and organizational Emotional Intelligence to improve communication and decision making.
  • Macrosystems include organizational culture, leadership style, and internal and external organizational interactions.  Understand how these forces combine in dynamic way to influence performance, engagement, and customer satisfaction.
  • Macro-level analysis includes an organizational level snap-shot and assessment of multi-level systems that drive the organization. Within these complex interactions and external stimuli organizational change is a constant reality, good organizations embrace this reality as opportunity and remain flexible.  TierOne can help you develop the organizational systems to be adaptive and thrive in this competitive environment.