Dr. Dutch helped us perform to our potential and work through high expectations and pressure.  His methodology is clear and effective. He helped refine our purpose, reflect on our values and beliefs and gave us the tools to achieve.  He was able to do this by building a rapport with our team and connect with our staff through group activities and individual meetings.  His efforts increased our confidence in performance execution, mental toughness and working through stress and anxiety of performance expectations.

John Vargas, Olympian, Olympic Coach, 2-Time NCAA National Champion Coach, 2-Time NCAA Coach of hte Year.

Holistic Approach - Emotional Stability and Pro-social Behavior

Many athletes have experienced struggles during life that impact their performance both on and off the field.  These difficulties can manifest in increased penalties, conflict with coaches and teammates, illegal behavior, drug use, financial problems, poor academic performance, professional derailment, or a reluctance to go to class and maintain eligibility.

TierOne can give you the tools to recognize and regulate emotion in the moment.  Using emotional intelligence, mindfulness-based training, and social cognitive development - TierOne helps athletes and coaches increase performance, build team cohesion, and improve overall well-being.

Mental Performance on the Biggest Stage

Today's sports are highly competitive - everyone is strong, fast, and skilled.  The cognitive capacities that manage attention and the emotional centers of the brain that drive elite performance (and X-Factor qualities) are largely untrained and  offer the largest performance increase at all levels of sport (high school, college, professional).

Whether it is preparing for your college career, the NFL combine, your rookie year in the NBA, nationals, Olympic trials, or your own PR - TierOne will give you the performance edge over your competition.

Most athletes only focus on the physical aspect of their sport, but recent research in sport performance and neuroscience has shown that mental performance is much more important than previously understood and the X-Factor in elite performance.

TierOne uses the most advanced science and technology to give you the mental performance competitive edge.

"It’s one thing to tell your athletes to be mentally tough, yet another thing to teach them HOW to be mentally tough.  Dr. Dutch and his TierOne program teach you HOW to teach your athletes to be mentally tough – giving your athletes the ability to keep their minds on what matters NOW, in the stress of the moment, in the heat of competition."

Sheri Goodwin, NAIA All-American Runner
High School Cross-Country and Track Coach


  • Mental Performance
  • Cognitive Processing Speed (Think Faster)
  • Complex Decision-Making
  • Reaction Times
  • Mental Toughness and Resilience
  • Poise and Confidence
  • Decision Making
  • Team Work
  • Class Attendance/Academic Performance
  • Coachability
  • Reduce Negative Self-Talk
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Mangudai - Advanced Distress Tolerance and Leader Training

Recent scientific research shows that cortisol, released by the body during stressful situations,  significantly impacts performance.  The research showed that distress tolerance and emotional intelligence significantly impact the way the body reacts to stress and reduces the release of cortisol into the body.  Poise and mental toughness training significantly reduces the stress effect and increases performance focus, self-confidence, and athletic performance.  Talk to TierOneabout how to bring Mangudai © distress tolerance training to your school or program.

Where Mental Toughness and Poise are Built


Poise and Mental Toughness Training - Learn to manage the stress that kills performance