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  • Sheri Goodwin: CEO Transformational Journeys, HS track and cross country coach, speaker
  • Barbara Hudak:  Professional musician and coach

The TierOne Performance Institute offers a range of individual and team training programs with a focus on peak performance and how to obtain flow on the field and in the workplace.  Training course offered by the institute include single-day training seminars, multi-day offsite training, and multi-week certification programs. Training can be delivered in-person or online depending on the needs of the organization or individual. Check the course listings below for a description of specific courses and a list of upcoming classes. 

The crowd gets quiet, and the moment starts to become the moment for me . . . that’s part of that Zen Buddhism stuff. Once you get into the moment, you know when you are there. Things start to move slowly, you start to see the court very well. You start reading what the defense is trying to do – Michael Jordan, NBA

When you get in that zone, it’s just a supreme confidence that you know it’s going in. It’s not a matter of if – it’s going in. Everything slows down. You just have supreme confidence.  You have to really try to stay in the present, not let anything break that rhythm.  You don’t think about your surroundings, or what’s going on with the crowd or the team. You’re kind of locked in – Kobe Bryant, NBA

Meditation is as important as lifting weights and being out here on the field for practice - Russel Okung, NFL, OT

Course Description

Introduction to Emotional and Social Intelligence (IESI).  Emotional and social intelligence is the X-Factor that drives performance, motivation, team behavior, and leadership. Learn what emotional and social intelligence is  and why it is so important to your individual and organizational success.  This course takes participants through the evidence-based science of emotional and social intelligence and the component skills of each of the four competency areas.Course are ongoing and prices are dependent on the number of individuals trained and the location of the training.  Call or email for details.

Advanced Emotional and Social Intelligence (AESI).  Asses the current level of emotional and social competence in your organization and learn how to develop the competencies that drive the flow state and peak performance.  This course builds on the IESI course and teaches participants how to develop individual and organizational emotional and social competence.  This course is ideal for coaches and managers that want to learn how to develop and use emotional and social competence to improve individual and team performance. Courses are ongoing and prices are dependent on the number of individuals trained and the location of the training.  Call or email for details.

Sports Mind Training Certification (SMTC).  This is an intensive comprehensive 6-week master's level certification program designed to certify individuals to deliver Level II cognitive mind training to optimize the performance of individuals and teams.  Students will gain the tools and confidence to apply mind training theory and practices to optimize the performance of their athletes and teams.  The program is based in social cognitive psychological theory, neuropsychology, emotional regulation psychological theory, applied sports psychology, and the performance mindful-acceptance-commitment model.  Course participants are also given individual consultation on how to integrate mind training to their specific organizations. Check the website for coast and availability.  Group discounts are available, email dutch@tierone360 for details.

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sports performance

Every time I slip back into doubtfulness, I go back to the training and it puts me in a positive mind - Doug Baldwin, NFL, WR.

The runner’s biggest distraction…fatigue.  Feeling tired, heavy legs, burning lungs, etc. Dr. Dutch and the TierOne program helps keep athletes from going down the pity road of, “I’m tired, I don’t know if I can keep this pace up, I can’t do this.”  He teaches athletes and coaches how to be mentally tough and changes the self-talk to, “I can do this, everyone else is tired too, I’ve trained for this, I’m strong, I’m tough, I can do this, I can stay with my competition, I can pass them.”

Sheri Goodwin, NAIA All-American Athlete

You've got to meditate.  That's how you get into the flow.  However you are going to get at me, I'm going to adapt.  I'm going to flow with you like water - Earl Thomas, NFL, FS

sports performance
sports performance

Recent Graduates

  • Joe Ashfield:  Football coach at Stanford and Rice University, speaker
  • Greg Dailer:  Football coach Arlington HS, speaker

Next level training for your team.  Maximize performance and let the TierOne Performance Lab design and implement a mind training program for your team and athletes.  The TierOne Performance Lab is a sophisticated blend of mind and cognitive behavioral training.  Get the benefit of an in-house performance psychologist without the cost.  Individualized mind training and assessments for your athletes and program.  Athlete and coach consultation during the season and off-season and 24/7 crisis consultation to head-off athlete derailment.

Heading to the Combine, Olympic Trials, or a college athletic program?  Periods of transition offer the greatest times of stress in an athlete's life and often lead to poor performance or derailment.  Don't let your athletic dreams get sidelined because you were not mentally prepared to perform under pressure.  Whether it is the NFL Combine, spring training, or other assessment programs, you will be performing at a level above your experience.  The TierOne Performance Lab can act as your private mind training consultant and teach you how to let go of the opponent in your mind and focus on the real competition while cultivating peak performance.  We will also help you learn how to get in the zone and compete like a warrior while letting go of habitual behaviors and thinking that hamper performance and result in negative outcomes.  Get the TierOne advantage and perform at your best.

What elite athletes are saying about mind training

sports performance

With meditation, I can get in a calm state and perform with focus so I can compete optimally - Deena Kastor, Olympic Bronze Medalist

elite athlete
sports performance